Greenbelt – MD – Classes Start September 9 , 2019

This is a Comprehensive Classroom Course Unlike any out there in the Industry. 


We teach you information security from the ground up. Our program will give you a competitive edge when you apply for cyber security jobs.  Your mentor is an information security professionals that will provide you with practical experiences to put on your resume. Below is our course breakdown:

  • Phase 1 – Foundation IT Concepts and FISMA Compliance
    • We kick this phase off by catering to beginners. We will get you familiarized with basic IT terminologies and concepts.After learning foundation IT concepts, you will learn the process to make a network FISMA compliant. We will do this using the Risk management Framework (RMF) for guidance.Think of FISMA compliance as the documentation side of Information Security (aka Cybersecurity Policy). FISMA compliance is a requirement for all networks that hold government data.Learning this skill alone can provide you with a lucrative career!
  • Phase 2 – Cyber security Engineering and Ethical Hacking
    • Once you’re done learning cybersecurity policy, you will get some hands on keyboard experience!Phase 2 is where you will develop a home lab and learn how to use the popular security tools such as SPLUNK, Nessus and Wireshark. These are the most popular tools in use by major companies today.After learning how to use popular security tools, we will practice our hacking skills with Metasploit Framework.You will learn to hack wired and wireless networks. If you can think like an hacker, you will be better suited to defend against them. Not to mention is will be impressive to discuss your hacking skills during your job interview 😉
  • Phase 3 – Career Development and Mentoring
      • In phase 3, you will complete 3 true-to-life cyber security projects. These projects are noteworthy for your resume. We will also show you how to pass the CEH and CISSP certification exams.
      • You will learn techniques to writing an effective resume
      • Learn how to interview for positions
      • Access all our resources for job placement.Once you’ve learned cybersecurity policy, engineering and hacking, its time to take things to the next level

If you’re ready, let’s get started!

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About Us

A comprehensive online course unlike any out there in the industry. We teach you information security from the ground up. Our training program takes you from learning theories and concept to real world scenarios that you can visualize and apply. In addition to the on-demand learning, you also have the option to receive one on one mentorship online. Our mentors will help you gain experience by engaging with real-world projects.