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"With no previous knowledge of the field, I signed up for PJ Courses with aspirations of becoming familiar and competent enough to seek a career in the near future in Cyber Security. I have now attained my Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and my Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certificate, as well as a vast array of knowledge. I remember when I first joined the course, my mentor asked me what type of mentor did I want him to be. He gave me 3 options, lenient, in between, or a hard-nose. I chose hard-nose."
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Everything you need is included

– Network Security Specialist

– IT Security Specialist

– Security Administrator

– IT Security Consultant

– Ethical Hacker

– Penetration Tester

– Site Administrator

– IT Auditor

– Computer Forensics Analyst

– Homeland Security Specialist

Whether you are new to the field or you are working in the field the CEH certification is a great addition to your skills, knowledge and resume. Having the knowledge of the tools and methods that hackers use as well as the ways to prevent their exploits as skills that employers desperately.

If you have no experience, you can qualify to take the exam by taking our course. We are an EC-Council Training Partner

The class is a month long. Our goal is to ensure that not only can you pass the exam, but you can also apply your knowledge in the real world. 5 Days of cramming cannot turn you into an Ethical Hacker. Our class is designed to train you to use the techniques and to pass the certification exam.

Visit Our course page Curriculum to see all you will learn.View Curriculum

This simply means if you failed the exam you will be able to retake the class a second time without charge. To be eligible you must have attended all classes and passed all your practice test exams with 85% or higher.


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