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Hands on Training, Mentorship, Real World Experience and Certifications

A comprehensive online course unlike any out there in the industry. We teach you information security from the ground up. Our training program takes you from learning theories and concept to real world scenarios that you can visualize and apply. In addition to the on-demand learning, you also have the option to receive one on one mentorship online. Our mentors will help you gain experience by engaging with real-world projects.

Our lessons come in hard back cover and video format. This is our attempt to cater to different learning styles. Log on via your mobile device to learn on the go.

It is our goal to develop a think tank of cybersecurity professionals who are in and have graduated from this course to share new updates on industry practices and threats.

badges are given out at the completion of each phase. Upon completion of all three phases, you will earn a certificate of completion. Upon successful completion of the mentorship program, you will earn a certificate with references that legitimizes you as experienced analysts.

Our quizzes encourage you to think like a subject matter experts. These quizzes will help you to focus on key themes from each lesson.

Registration to all the course content is $10 per month. Prices for our mentorship program varies.

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Paul Oyelakin [ Web Design ]


Paul Oyelakin [ Web Design ]


Paul Oyelakin [ Web Design ]